judith m. atkinsonJudith M. Atkinson is a Canadian artist with an extensive exhibition record and studio practice. She is an Honours graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, and studied at the Banff School of Fine Arts and with ECIAD in Florence, Italy. Judith works in a variety of media, oil, acrylic, collage and mixed media and created sculptures with non-traditional materials such as ironing boards. She can work in a variety scale formats and has created a suite of large scale paintings for Robson Square Conference Centre and large multi- media installations such as Sacred Ground Skin & Bones and Radiant Pressed Memories.

Judith has won numerous private and public commissions and is in a variety of private and corporate collections. Judith has created  20  public murals as an Artist in Residence various communities. Her exhibition, Presence consisting of works in oil on vellum and paper were shown at the Portfolio Gallery. A large solo exhibition of varied works, titled Waterways about the rising ocean levels and the polar ice melting at the Maple Ridge Art Gallery and Continuum at the Electronic Avenue Art Gallery in Port Moody.

The diversity of Judith's art practice allows for and meets the challenge of creative solutions in visual imagery.

As she states, "I have always addressed meaning in my works about the human journey, be it the Ancient past, Caves of Lascaux, temples of Egypt, Sacred Sites, Labyrinths, Obelisks, marking stones, and emotional landscapes of the mind. In some installations, I have created a ritualized, transfigured space where the viewer traverses in order to dialogue with the art pieces.

A sense of Presence is common in each body of work whether watching from aerial perspective or a moment captured or the interior beat of a heart. A common thread in my work is a sense of opening up in awareness to human complexity, movement, and layers of time and existence and points to luminous life in which we are present. "



Stephen Karr



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