fairytale 2000

Installation - Artropolis 1987

This piece was conceived to be part of the Les Enfants Terrible section of the large group show, Artropolis in Vancouver. I collaborated with a group of my young students to create the Fairytale and all of its components with wall paintings signifying the characters and in sculpture pieces. It was a delightful piece and engaged the viewers to read the tale with a modern new twist.


Fairytale 2000

Installation, Wall Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture 
1987, Atropolis

Pastel, Acrylic, Paper Mixed Media

30' x 100' x 15'

fairytale 2000


Fairytale 2000, Detail

Installation, Wall Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture, 

1987, Atropolis

Pastel, Acrylic, Paper Mixed Media

3' x 4'

fairytale, detail


The Fairytale


Pastel, Paint

2' x 8'

the fairytale



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