The work was originally prompted by a chance discovery of an old wooden ironing board in a home leveled for new development and seemed for me like an Egyptian obelisk - a marking stone of the lives lived there. The thematic concerns for this exhibition were the ritualized view of women's work - the tedium, the rubbed pressed surfaces, coupled with the power of the feminine as evidenced in the ancient past. And by the personal impact of significant present action of individuals whose lives radiate, making such a difference, just in my orbed lifetime. I collected and was given the ironing board and some were stamped in a modern day tribal sense - The Queen # 1 with a crown emblem of rich organic colours that led to associations of icons, altarpieces and the goddess figure imbued in the vessel container. The form of the installation tried to hearken to the House of the Vestal Virgins in ancient Rome with it's arch ways and the placement of the ironing boards where the statuary line the pool filled with radiating Etruscan spiral patterns. The pool border has the names of individual whose lives radiate outward in the world and the sound component of water and music of John Tavener, and Andreas Vollenweider. There were dance performances in the installation to the Protecting Veil where the dancers signified in movement the thematic elements of the work. Finally, a recent visit to Italy and Paris with the imprint of Masterpieces freshly viewed, coupled with the colour of Tuscany, the frescos, Etruscan and Roman sites inspire the work that was radiantly pressed into my memory.