Sacred Ground - is a space of quiet solitude and mystery where something " Other" speaks and the inner mind and heart listen. A wisdom and direction is stored in the quiet pool of the soul. The notion of self-realization, awareness, enlightenment, and transformation are integral elements of this body of work. The thematic concern was experiential and as man has often been drawn to Sacred places of transformed energy and the ancients believed in altered physical environments to try and trigger the conscious and unconscious mind to venture into a new experience and way of being. One enters the piece and the walls are covered with large Paleolithic - like drawings and they contain two forms of icons. One is like ancient shards, representing the influence, time, knowledge and direct immanence from the wisdom of the masters and the other is a coloured window on tablets signifying that wisdom over time has been transformed by the intellect. The viewer traverses the installation with low light and harmonic sound to arrive at the final inner chamber to encounter the sculptured forms that allude to the Spiritual masters. The archaeological and anthropological references are inherent in the work and the sense of marking and layering becomes a pure realized statement of existence.