In this Body of Work, the thematic concern is with the movement of Water and the effect on the planet. Things are shifting and changing in our natural world with the melting of the polar caps and the rising of water levels. This work deals with the perception that the norm in the landscape and our relation to it is profoundly changing. The paintings have in a formal element, a portal to examining this new phenomenon and in that stillness to reflect and observe and contemplate the mystery. This is in a sense of falling away of land and life as we know it and these works point to a coming moment in time, and it is sooner than we now realize. There is juxtaposition in the work of the tranquil and then the activity below and the formal element of band spanning across the view which creates a portal window. Movement of water is the key to the imagery; from polar ice flows or land forms that are ebbing away. Distant views of these effects on a global level are emerging in this body of work.